Outsourcing & more...

A few years back, in accordance with my life’s motto: „If you don’t do what you love, you waste your time”, I decided to make my dream come true and pull together a group of people who understand and are passionate about marketing; people who are ever curious about the World and are not afraid of challenges.


As for today, we have the knowledge, experience and long-term relationships with clients. We build the relationships on clear and fair partnership rules. 


I would like to use this opportunity to invite you to a cooperation both in terms of long term projects as well as single jobs.

I would like to use this opportunity to invite you to
a cooperation both in terms of long
term projects as well as single jobs

Outsourcing & more...

Outsourcing – strategic consultancy

Advantages of marketing outsourcing


Cost reduction

Reducing the cost of employment and maintaining a job post



Raising service quality

We are constantly developing for you, broadening our offer with new marketing communication channels. We work only with verified partners, guaranteeing the highest quality level of service


Broad area of expertise

We consult and carry out work in the areas of marketing, PR, events and project design


Access to knowledge and experience

Of many specialists in marketing, graphic design and advertising in the exact areas they are most required. .


Time efficient

We focus 100% on the execution of your project.


Fast and flexible

We act confidently and sensibly on feedback we receive, and each and every decision we take is based on fast and thorough analysis

Forms of cooperation

Depending on the client’s expectations, strategy and budget, the outsourcing cooperation can take a form of a full service or an execution of specific tasks or campaigns. The full service is based on close cooperation between the company and a client in terms of creation of marketing strategy, budget and long term goals achievement.

Our Offer

We specialise in providing complex marketing and advertising solutions to medium and large enterprises. We provide our services within event marketing, project design and social media.

Events/Trade Fairs/Conferences

Our team maps out events that are made to measure according to client’s individual needs and preferences. We are known for our innovative ideas and modern solutions.

Project Design

Spot on graphic design is to stand out amongst thousands of other designs. A good graphic design project is the motor of the advertisement – it is used to build brands, position products, create company image, all of which attract clients.

Social media

The increase of social media importance
as well as the dynamic Web technology development have made these a very important tools in the process of companies’ strategy building and communication process. It is applicable to companies working in both B2C and B2B environments.

Our projects

  • ITM Machtool 2017 trade fair – KUKA SIEMENS

    Yet another Machtool trade fair with the leading theme of the Industry 4.0 and digitization of production processes. A joint venture of 9 companies was implemented in a 160-meter exhibition stand and awarded the title Acanthus Aureus.

    RMA Sp. z o.o.

    For RMA Sp. z o.o., a company that specializes in robotics, mechanics and industrial automation, we have carried out complex visual identification services including refreshing company logo and creating a brand book.

  • Ifm electronic Sp. z o. o.

    For the Polish branch of the IFM electronics we do marketing outsourcing. We plan, organise and coordinate a country-wide conference series the ”IFM Knowledge and Experience”. We are responsible for creating and monitoring advertising materials, press releases and carry out the PR campaigns.

    Industry 4.0 KUKA SIEMENS

    For the joint KUKA/SIEMENS project, we provided a complex service for the Industry 4.0 during the ITM 2016 trade fair. For the leading brands in the automation technology, we designed a stand, which was awarded the „Acanthus Aureus” ” prize for the best marketing strategy projection of a company in a trade fair exhibition, as well as secured the coordination of marketing communication

  • KUKA Roboter CEE GMBH Sp. z o.o.

    For the KUKA Roboter CEE GmbH one of the World’s pioneers in robotics and automation technology, we provide full marketing service in Poland. We organise events, support designing and building trade fair stands and take care of press releases and advertising content that appears in the Polish media.


    During our long-term cooperation we have provided the company full design, execution and monitoring of marketing solutions, starting with marketing strategy planning and execution through to the design of advertising materials and Public Relations activities.


    We designed shop windows for one of the best known clothing brand in the World, Lee Cooper. We also take care of their social media.


    For the producer of paving solutions, we designed and printed their product brochure. We arranged a photo shoots of their projects, bringing out and showing the most attractive paving arrangements, they have done.


    We provide a series of events for children at the following venues: CH Auchan Częstochowa, CH Auchan Sosnowiec, CH Auchan Bielany, CH Auchan Krasne and Galeria Bronowice. Our company takes care of the events’ marketing, promotion, organisation and technical solutions.


    The Illumino is a lighting component distributor. We were asked to refresh their logo. The goal behind the redesign of their logo, was to make the company image more modern. Together, we decided to introduce bolder changes – we changed not only the colour but also the layout of the logo.


Companies that trust us. Wait no more and trust us too.

We have outsourced our marketing to the MDMarketing. They support us in organisation of conferences and take care of our company image in the media. Owing to their experience and professionalism, our marketing has finally started moving forward, which has translated into better contact and rapport with our clients.

Aleksandra Banaś, Chairman IFM Electronic Sp. z o.o.

The highest level of service, broad competencies and friendly cooperation atmosphere. I recommend to everyone who looks for experience, out of the box thinking and creativity.

Tomasz Nowak, Managing Director KUKA Poland